2016 Kiddings Begin!!!

2016 Kiddings! Hard to believe they are here already. I didn’t realize it had been so long since we had written anything on here. We have had a very busy past year and somehow blogging didn’t make the priority list! :) Well, all we can do is start from here. With kidding season now underway, we will try to keep updates on here.
First was Rhoda.  We had been watching her closely because we knew of course she was very close.  We woke up January 31st, Kezi’s 10th birthday, went outside to check on the girls and found Rhoda happily relaxing with her triplet bucklings.
Next came Rosemary.  She was very large and uncomfortable.  Definitely thought she might go ahead of Rhoda. About 10:00pm we when to check on her and decided especially seeings she has a track record of kidding  LATE At NIGHT she would  not last till morning. At 2:00 am we came out to check on her and found 1 doeling already born and  turning to Rosemary we found another baby ready to be born. As soon as it was born, we found this was another doeling!!!!!!  Soon we discovered that this was not all….. Rosemary pushed again and a head appeared. As I looked for feet I realized this was going to be a head first delivery.  Being baby#3 it was not as difficult as I had anticipated and very soon another 7# doeling joined the late night party. And yes, believe it or not, Rosemary had triplet doelings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A perfect blessing with Rhoda’s bucks.
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