Karla breaks our buck streak

Karla kidded on March 25th. I went out to check on the does and saw Karla standing in the center of the doe’s pen with her ears all tipped back, her udder in and she was quietly muttering to the ground. The “Mama talking ” is always a sure sign of labor. As I watched her I could tell she was pretty close, so I moved her into the kidding stall and continued watching her. She kidded about 20 minutes after I found her. First came  a really, really flashy colored buckling, much like his dad and very shortly thereafter here came another kid…….Yes it is a girl a brown girl that looks much like her mother. Then Karla began pushing again……..Soon was delivered a BEAUTIFULLY striking black and white doe kid. I have wanted a doe this color for years!! WOW!! Two does and a buck!!      Karla is milking like a pro!!!

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