HAPPY NEW YEAR…..and sorry to all our blog followers!

To start we want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! This has been a very busy year, full of many new experiences, blessings, joys and sorrows. I hope that all are enjoying a very blessed winter season and you all enjoyed the Lord’s blessings during this last year! Praise to Him who leads us day by day! I don’t know how we’d make it without His leading!
Some of the things we’ve been doing this year that have kept us from the blog are:
~SPRING: We had a more than ever full kidding season with many exciting new babies born. We had a total of almost 80 kids born on the farm this Spring. We are always excited for the next years kid crop and we’re always trying our best to improve the herd in some way! We hope to make it to Nationals in Redmond, OR. with some this year  BUT…….we’ll see. We are looking to do appraisals right before that, and doing the market….??? Not sure how that will go. Not to mention all the milking and feeding bottles that it takes a LOT of time!! We were milking 30 does during our peak!
We also were extremely busy with all the planting, planting and planting for the Farmer’s Market in Hayden as well as our local Newport one. We always enjoy getting in the dirt for the first time of the year.
~SUMMER: We ate a LOT of lettuce :) !!! YEAH for all that delicious home-grown food!! Friends, neighbors and market goers all enjoyed our delicious home-grown food this summer. We did appreciate it as well! Doing two Farmer’s Markets every Saturday was enough to keep us full-time employed at weeding, planting, watering, harvesting and bringing to Market. On top of all that we had a beautiful Baby Girl on July 11, 2014!! Little Gloria Esther  has brought us much joy and blessing! :) Gloria was born on a busy Market prep day… Friday!! That didn’t make us even boys to girls but we are at a even dozen now!! 5 boys and now 7 girls!!! As all the “market people” already are aware, we quit the Farmer’s markets around September first, feeling the Lord’s call to something different for a time. So we tried to wrap up the garden. In that time we took several small construction jobs. We said “Goodbye” to our herd matriarch Crystal this summer too. Her legacy will live on in our herd for many, many years to come.
We had a busy fall as well. Sometime in September after stopping doing market we (the older children) started discussing the possibility of seeing that we weren’t doing market maybe we would be able to go back east for a Youth Bible Conference that Hailey and Peter went to last fall. We talked about it among ourselves about if the four oldest went how we would get there seeing plane tickets to PA. for four were out of our options. In that time David was considering the possibility of getting himself a car to drive us down there come back and potentially resell it. Anyway to make a long story shorter, David did end up getting a car and Papa and the four oldest drove to Pennsylvania!!! We left October 27th and came back the 11th of November. WOW! What a experience! We were all very blessed to be able to come together with 150 young people! We were all richly blessed by our time there. Praise the Lord He brought us home safely!!
Fall also brings the fall breeding season! Excitement begins as the breedings are finalized and the does are all bred! We were busy getting all the does to their allotted bucks. Looking forward to babies already!!!
WINTER: In this current season of winter we are enjoying the little bit slower season. Since we’ve been back from PA. we have been working on the house. It is coming along well and are almost ready for painting. Choosing the colors is an exciting part!! We also have decided to go ahead and plan for another year at Farmer’s Market! We hope to see many of you there next spring! We also always enjoy hearing how our goats are doing for others!


God bless all of you this winter season and we hope to “grow” with you another year.
Blessings to all,
The Probert Family

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