Lyra’s Twins!


It was Kezi’s 6th birthday, and she really likes watching the does kid and helping with babies. So she was excited about the prospect of Lyra kidding on her birthday. Lyra was certainly in no hurry though, so we kept an eye on her throughout the day. After dinner, Sarah and Kezi went out to be with her as she seemed to be getting closer. She progressed smoothly and soon the intercom in the house BEEEEEPED and Kezi came on saying if we wanted to see her kid, we’d better come out. So the rest of us bundled up and headed out. (We really like our new intercom system :) , saves someone having to run all the way to the house and back a dozen times.)

Sure enough by the time we reached the barn, the front legs where already out. Her water bag was still intact, so we let her stretch against it for a few minutes. The baby was in good position and all was going well. She delivered her buckling with almost no help and Sarah slid him around up by her head, so she could help clean him up.

We totally expected just one from her, so we were quite surprised when she started to push again. She hardly pushed though. Her second kid, a cute little brown doeling, was so much smaller, she nearly fell out. We helped her clean them both up and tucked them into a straw box for the night.  Lyra did very good and was easy to milk.


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