Breeding season starts!!!

We are so excited about our 2011 breeding season!  The Lord has bountifully supplied an exceptional group of girls.  We added a number of new does to our herd (Scott, our genetic specialist/addict :) is always looking for just the right traits to put with our herd!).  We are working on making them their own pages so you can see their great pedigrees.  However, currently our schedule is quite full, so little by little :) .  We are delighted to have them and are sure that you will be pleased with the progeny.

So far Delight, Chana, Gem, Perfect, Lyra, Cassie, Rosemary, Victory, Cele and Lilac have been bred.  The warm days and very cool nights are kicking their heat cycles into full gear.  Please check our breeding schedule for details, so you can get your reservations early!

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2 Responses to Breeding season starts!!!

  1. Deanna says:

    I’m so excited to see that Perfect, Lyra, and Cassie have been bred. I’m also looking forward to seeing their pages!

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