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Carshena has TRIPLETS

5pm tonight Carshena had 2 Bucks and 1 Doe.  The first buck was 9.3# and Hailey helped a little with straightening the legs and a little tension but she pushed like a trooper.  #2 was another buck.  As he began … Continue reading

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Trip to Seattle for the Memorial

Well we went to Seattle for Grandma Jackies Memorial Service on 1/20/2011 and came back 1/24/2011.  We spent most of the time with Diana’s dad just hanging out being some company, making a few meals, and going through things that … Continue reading

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Steer the Calf

No big news, but we did steer the calf today.  We use a bander style with the little green circle rubber band.  We have never had a problem with these.

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Dairy update

Well with the passing of Grandma Jackie and our plans to go to the memorial service, we are planning on drying up most of the girls that are left milking.  We have another ISDA milk quality test scheduled for 1/10/11 … Continue reading

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Grandma Jackie 1/8/38-1/7/11

Jacqueline “Jackie” Ruth (Tobin) Axling Jacqueline “Jackie” Ruth (Tobin) Axling Born: January 8, 1938  Died: January 7, 2011 Jacqueline “Jackie” Ruth (Tobin) Axling was born January 8, 1938 in Seattle, WA to John and Ruth Tobin. She is survived by … Continue reading

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2011 Seed Orders

Well we made our seed orders the first week of the year.  We have plenty of potato seed after our crop of about 5000# in 2010 so we won’t be buying need seed this year.  We do have some potatoes  … Continue reading

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Hooves Again

Again I am behind in posting.  We did hooves again on 1/13/2011.  We are trying to adjust our timing to the up coming kidding schedule so we can trim feet in between kiddings as much as possible.

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